Which of the Available Bullion Storage Options Might Best Meet Your Needs?    

Precious Metals have proved an excellent investment, but holding physical Gold or Silver can pose problems. So, what Bullion storage options are available? Many of the world’s major currencies have recently been under pressure, and the consequences of a growing global financial recession are becoming increasingly evident. However, despite the occasional minor setback, trading in Precious Metals has continued to be a sound investment. Many seasoned investors now rely on this market to provide an effective hedge against the more traditional but poorly-performing alternatives, such as stock portfolios.

Mining shares, futures and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are convenient ways to invest in Gold. However, from an investment viewpoint, there are several advantages to be gained by purchasing this yellow metal in solid form. Since it was first minted on 3 July 1967, the South African Krugerrand has become the world’s most sought-after Gold coin and a popular means to invest in this Precious Metal. Furthermore, granting this investment coin legal tender status meant its sales would be exempt from value-added tax. Rand Refinery also produces Gold and Silver Bullion bars of various sizes as an alternative method of owning and trading physical Precious Metals.

Security Concerns Raise the Need for Safe Bullion Storage Options

Sadly, soaring levels of burglary and home invasions in our country have left many worried about the security of any valuables stored on their premises. Krugerrands and Bullion bars are compact and easily traded, making them particularly tempting targets for thieves. Essentially, one can choose between three Bullion storage options to protect these items and gain some peace of mind. 

  • Keep Your Coins and Bullion Bars at Home

Home storage raises the issue of how best to keep your assets secure. A sturdy safe embedded in a wall or the floor and concealed from sight is probably the best approach, but you should also invest in a home alarm system with a 24/7 link to an armed response service. Burglar bars, of course, are a given. All this means additional expense and might still leave one feeling ill at ease. Security experts agree it’s far safer not to keep these items at home but to entrust them to professional safekeeping.

  • Store Your Valuables in a Bank Vault

Perhaps you are willing to accept some additional cost. In that case, you could rent a safety deposit box from your bank to store your Krugerrands or minted Gold bars and other valuable items, such as Diamonds, Jewellery, or important documents. Of course, bank robberies are not unheard of, and you could be at risk when transporting these items to and fro. Even a secured transport vehicle could face security risks.

  • Arrange Safe Custody for Your Precious Metals

This service combines security with privacy and easy access. Mr K  offers a Bullion storage option at no charge for those purchasing our Gold and Silver Krugerrands and bars. When you are ready to sell or wish to add to your investment, the transactions occur on-site and out-of-sight, reflected only in your account.

Why Trust Your Purchase and Bullion Storage Option to Mr K?

As one of few registered dealers authorised to order Krugerrands directly from the Rand Refinery, quality, confidentiality and trust are our watchwords. Please feel free to enquire about our safe custody service.

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