Will you invest in Gold or Silver?

When it comes to investing in Precious Metals, there is no right or wrong way to go about it. In some cases, Gold Bullion make sense for the investor, and other times, Silver Bullion are the better option. Factors like metal affordability, market volatility, and regulations all influence the perceived success of an investment. But the perceived success is just that – perceived, so is ultimately determined by the investor. The choice to invest in Gold or Silver should therefore come down to you and your unique situation. (Browse Gold and Silver Krugerrands online.)

What to consider before you invest in Gold or Silver:

If you’re not sure whether to invest in Gold or Silver, there are many factors that you should consider beforehand in order to make an informed decision. We have outlined three important ones below:

1. Your budget and investment prospects

As one would expect, the cost plays a massive role in the decision to invest in Gold or Silver. For investors with cash to spare, Gold investments are usually first prize. Why? Simply put, Gold is more valuable. Even though the total supply of new Silver per annum is higher than that of Gold, the market value of Gold remains higher. About twelve times higher, in fact, making Gold the preferred option for ‘big’ investors looking to make a splash. Silver, however, is the more affordable option, so tends to be favoured by first-time investors and the average person looking for some financial security. (Click here to invest now.)

2. The level of risk associated with price volatility

Silver’s comparatively low market share means it is a more volatile asset than Gold. Based on history, we expect to see drastic rises and falls in Silver prices, which can put less experienced investors at disease. However, one should not dismiss Silver, as its volatility often makes it the more successful investment option in bull markets. No risk, no reward, right? Explore the current prices of Gold and Silver Krugerrands.

3. Your reason for investing

In this day and age, Silver is all around us. It is present in many products that we use in our everyday lives, including dishware, cutlery, solar panels, machinery, and medical equipment. Why is Silver so commonly used in production? Because regulations allow for it to be melted and recast into different forms, for various purposes. 

Gold, on the other hand, is more restrictive when it comes to regulations. Krugerrands – a popular means of trading in Gold – may not be reshaped or reformed. In fact, it is against South African law to melt down a Krugerrand. Regulations such as these restrict the ventures of Gold buyers, particularly those investing in Krugerrands as the coins come in standardised, fixed increments. It is therefore important for buyers to consider the purpose of their investments before deciding on a Precious Metal, as regulations may affect the possibilities for its usage. (Discover Gold and Silver Krugerrands and Bars.)

Invest in Gold or Silver with Mr K

Have you made a decision to invest in Gold or Silver? If so – fantastic! Mr K is here to help you every step of the way. Shop our online store for Gold and Silver Bullion, and get in touch with us for more information about our safe custody service.