Gold Bullion is a Tradeable Commodity That Also Has Ancient Romantic Ties

While investors were trading Gold Bullion on the fourteenth of February, others declared their love for one another with a gift of a Gold ring. The yellow metal has been prized for its beauty since it was discovered and used to create ornate pieces of Jewellery long before its role as an early form of currency. In addition, this Precious Metal has a long association with romantic love.

Today, we recognise that wearing a Gold ring on the second finger of the left hand is a visible sign that the wearer is married. The practice dates from Ancient Egyptian times, although their rings were made from braided reeds and worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. This digit was chosen because they believed it contained the vein of love, thus forming a direct link between the finger and the ring with the wearer’s heart. A circle is a structure with no end and was seen as the perfect way to symbolise the lasting union between a bride and groom.

The Ancient Greeks and Romans abandoned reeds in favour of ivory bone and leather, later replacing these with iron and, eventually, the Silver and Gold bands that have endured until today.

A Gift of Gold Bullion Can Also Be an Act of Love

As gold rings have become synonymous with love and longevity, they carry with them well-recognised associations. As a symbol of eternity, they are often gifted on anniversaries to depict everlasting love. Bulky rings adorned with precious stones may showcase wealth and status, while simplistic gold bands with engravings can be symbols of membership to a particular group.

Still, gifting gold is likely most prevalent on Valentine’s Day, a time to celebrate love and romantic connection. Not everyone can afford to demonstrate their affection with lavish gifts. Flowers, chocolates and inexpensive costume Jewellery are popular choices. However, a gift of Gold will continue giving pleasure forever and could be more inexpensive than most people might believe. A more affordable and practical gift for a loved one on a birthday, Christmas, or next Valentine’s Day could be a Gold Coin or a miniature Bullion bar. If you want to demonstrate your love with a unique gift, then hand-crafted Gold and Silver Jewellery also remain timeless options that will forever be valued.


Gold Bullion Can Signify Love and a Smart Investment

When the South African government launched the Gold Krugerrand in 1967, the initiative was intended to make this Precious Metal more accessible to the general public. However, its unequalled success as an investment vehicle has seen the price of one Troy ounce of Gold soar.

If some may find this a bit beyond their budget, Kruggerands are now available in several smaller denominations. Even a one-tenth-ounce coin will provide the same percentage return on investment. Furthermore, you will pay no VAT and only a nominal fee to the dealer rather than the massive markup on Jewellery, which must be recovered before it will prove profitable.

Choose Mr K for a Unique Gift of Gold

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