Sell Your Unwanted Precious Metals if You’re Cash-strapped After Christmas

Many people have Jewellery items that are damaged or no longer fashionable. When times are hard, selling your unwanted Precious Metals could save the day. Most people know of the official Bullion market that deals in Gold and Silver coins and bars. The spot prices of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and some of the less well-known but equally valuable metals are published daily, and traders and investors interact to conduct sales and purchases based on these. Investors tend to sell when prices are high enough to provide a good return and buy when the spot price is low, while the traders charge a small fee for each transaction to provide their income.

However, Precious Metals are also traded less formally. Rings, necklaces, broaches, earrings and bracelets containing Gold, Silver, or Platinum are frequently left with a pawnbroker in exchange for some ready cash. The transaction allows the option to redeem the items later by refunding the loan with some added interest. The broker may sell any items not redeemed within the stated period for a reasonable profit. While the loan option is standard, a broker will often agree to purchase items outright if they appear to offer the prospect of a good profit. However, there is a third alternative that could better meet your needs.

Find a Registered Bullion Dealer to Buy Your Precious Metals

It always pays to deal with an expert when looking for a fair deal. Pawnbrokers deal in everything from campaign medals and clocks to cameras and classic cars. However, these dealers specialise exclusively in purchasing and selling Gold and Silver coins and Bullion bars. They will be thoroughly familiar with the measurement of fineness and carat weight and how to use these to calculate an item’s value based on the latest spot prices. Mr K is among South Africa’s leaders in this field and one of an elite group of traders privileged to order Bullion directly from the Rand Refinery. If you plan to purchase Krugerrands or Gold or Silver bars, that privilege will be your guarantee of quality and authenticity.

Although possibly less well-known, our services include the purchase of unwanted Jewellery. The Precious Metal content of items acquired via this service may be recycled for sale, helping to conserve the dwindling reserves of these non-renewable commodities. Alternatively, they might be reused by our manufacturing jewellers to create new pieces more in keeping with modern tastes and trends. Sellers may also use this option to modernise their outdated items. However, when you’re facing a massive bill for renovations or car repairs, for example, selling some of your late aunt’s Jewellery to Mr K could prove a lifesaver.

What if You Regret Parting With Your Precious Metals?

Although a piece of old Jewellery may have little aesthetic appeal, a necklace or pendant inherited from a deceased loved one can have immense sentimental value. When people sell such items in times of need, they are often filled with remorse within days of the sale. At Mr K, we understand this dilemma and cater for it with our 30-day buy-back option. If you’re considering selling your old Jewellery, pop into one of our stores. You can click here to find one near you.

Disclaimer: The information above was derived from reliable sources and deemed accurate at the time of writing. However, changes following publication may have affected its accuracy. Such changes may occur without notice, and Mr K cannot be held liable for inaccuracies in this article’s content or how a reader may choose to interpret it.