Recycling Gold and repurposing the Precious Metal

Mining our beautiful planet Earth for its Precious Metals, such as Gold, has had a hugely negative impact on the place we all call home. Most of Earth’s Gold has been mined with relatively few mining regions left. Deleterious effects, such as water pollution, handling of dangerous chemicals, greenhouse gas emissions, inhumane labour practices, and more, will be felt for decades to come. But luckily, there is a bright side! We do not need to mine new Gold, as recycling Gold is possible.

Recycled or reclaimed Gold is, as you may be able to guess, refined Precious Metals which are no longer in use. Recycled Gold can include anything from existing jewellery to industrial metals. About 244,000 metric tons of gold has been discovered to date. 187,000 metric tons historically produced and current underground reserves of 57,000 metric tons. Gold is resistant to tarnishing, nearly indestructible, and just as malleable as it was the day it was pulled out of the ground, which means it can be recycled repeatedly. (Discover Mr K’s Gold recycling services.)

Here’s why recycling Gold is a win:

So why is it a good idea for you to recycle that old piece of jewellery in the back of your jewellery box?

About one-third of our Gold usage every year is made up of recycled Gold. Eventually, we will not have to mine this Precious Metal, as more people are recycling Gold. Exchanging Gold for cash opens so many possibilities, if not for the money, then for the fact that you are helping the environment.

Recycled Gold has the same value as recently mined Gold, as it does not degrade in quality. This means Gold from hundreds of years ago is just as pure and valuable as Gold mined today, so companies can sell it for the current international going price at a profit. In terms of environmental benefit, recycled Gold is a sustainable alternative to mining the Precious Metal – helping to preserve our natural landscapes.

You have an opportunity to go green, right there in your jewellery box.

Mr K’s Gold recycling process:

Now the question is, how do I go about recycling my Gold? The recycling process is easy. All you need to do is round up your unwanted Gold jewellery and bring it to your local Mr K store. We will guide you through an easy and transparent Gold recycling process as set out below:

  1. Determine the value: The first step in recycling your Gold with Mr K involves us checking the Karat of the item to determine its purity. Click here to learn more about jewellery evaluation.
  2. Offer: We then separate items by Karat and weigh them to calculate the payout based on the current market price of Gold. 
  3. Payment: Once the value of the jewellery is determined, we will pay you immediately. Either with cash or EFT.

Have you considered Recycling Gold?

Let us take on your unwanted Gold jewellery so you can receive money back and get a new lease on life! Explore Mr K’s Precious Metal recycling services online.