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At Mr K, we appreciate the significance of South African assets such as Krugerrands and Bullion. Investing in these tangible assets allows you to partake in preserving our rich cultural heritage, while also securing your financial future.

Our team is dedicated to helping you understand the unique investment benefits associated with these unique South African assets.


Available in different denominations (1 Oz, 1/2 Oz, 1/4 Oz, 1/10 Oz), Krugerrands enable investors to select the option that aligns best with their financial objectives and resources.


As a highly liquid assets, Krugerrands can be readily converted into cash at easily identifiable prices.

Exempt from VAT

In South Africa, Krugerrands are classified as Legal Tender, thereby exempting them from VAT liability for South African taxpayers.

Globally Renowned

Krugerrands are the most widely held and actively traded Gold Bullion coins in the world. There are more than 60 million Ounces in circulation.

Worth its weight in Gold

The Krugerrand is literally worth its weight in Gold. Each one-Ounce Krugerrand contains 11/12 parts fine Gold and 1/12 part Copper, making it 33.93 grams of 22-carat Gold.

Steadfast Value and Stability

Offering robust value and stability, Krugerrands provide increased financial security, especially in volatile economic conditions.

More than just a coin

The Krugerrand, a symbol of South Africa’s unique heritage, evokes strong sentiment among its people. This precious coin pays tribute to our nation’s historical connection to Gold mining, featuring an engraved image of the country’s former president, Paul Kruger, on the obverse side. On the reverse side, the Springbok, an emblem of South African national identity and success, proudly stands. Debuting in 1967, the Krugerrand marked a significant milestone as the first Bullion coin to be denominated in Ounces. Each 1 Oz Krugerrand is a marvel to behold and houses a full troy Ounce of Gold, the conventional measurement unit for Precious Metals.

The Krugerrand, comprising 91.67% pure South African Gold and the remaining balance filled with Copper, boasts remarkable durability and a distinctive reddish-Gold colour. Additionally, since 2017, Krugerrands made from 99.9% pure Silver have been available.


Investing in Krugerrands offers a secure and well-recognized method for individuals to acquire Gold.