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Bullion is a refined and stamped weight of a precious metal, typically Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium. It represents a practical and tradable format for Precious Metals and provides the certainty of a recognised weight and degree of fineness that can be purchased or sold at the current price for that particular Precious Metal.

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Understanding Bullion

Long-term Returns

Bullion products present a potential source of long-term returns, giving you the opportunity to engage in the performance of the precious metal market over time.


Bullion products serve as a diversifier in your investment portfolio, aiding to buffer losses during market downturns. Its value often moves independently of other assets, providing a stabilising effect on your portfolio.

Liquidity and Security

Bullion is a highly liquid asset with zero credit risk. It holds its value well and has historically outperformed fiat currencies, ensuring a trustworthy store of wealth.

Portfolio Performance Enhancement

Integrating Bullion into your investment portfolio can potentially enhance portfolio performance by balancing risk and possibly enhancing risk-adjusted returns over time. Please note that specific investment outcomes cannot be guaranteed.

By adding Bullion products to your investment portfolio, you can exploit the potential for growth, diversification, and wealth preservation that come with owning highly liquid and scarce assets.

Why Bullion?

Tangible investment

Bullion products are physical assets you can hold, providing a unique sense of security compared to digital or paper investments.

Historical store of value

Gold and Silver have served as a store of wealth for thousands of years, maintaining their value even during economic crises.


Bullion’s value doesn’t always move in the same direction as other assets like stocks or bonds, making it a valuable component for portfolio diversification.

Limited supply

The finite supply of Precious Metals like Gold and Silver contributes to their enduring value, ensuring that they will always be in demand.