Exploit the Value of Precious Metals by Trading and Ensure their Future Through Recycling

Precious Metals continue to experience strong demand, with Gold being highly sought after, though its reserves may face some challenges. So, sell unwanted Jewellery to a dealer that practices recycling. While these sought-after metals are predominantly used by Jewellery manufacturers, they also serve various essential roles in many other industries.

The yellow metal, for example, is prized for its exceptional resistance to chemical corrosion and its efficiency as an electrical conductor. These properties make it an ideal choice for use in mobile phones, and although the average unit only contains about one thirty-fifth of a gram, the number of mobile phones in active use or tucked away in a drawer exceeds the entire world population.

Gold has more uses than other Precious Metals. It remains popular in dentistry despite cheaper ceramic crowns. Its compounds are used in medicine to treat rheumatoid arthritis, its alloys to create surgical implants, and in colloidal form for electron microscopy. Although it is no longer used as a currency, Bullion coins and bars are traded globally and valued for their consistently good return on investment and as a hedge against the more volatile performance of stock markets.

Uses for other Precious Metals

In addition to Jewellery, cutlery, ornaments and trophies, Silver has applications in electrical switches and solar panels and is used as a catalyst in several industrial chemical reactions. Most computers, vehicles, cell phones, and domestic appliances contain Silver. The demand for Platinum and Palladium has also grown since strict rules governing permitted emission levels by internal combustion engines created the need for catalytic converters.

However, it is Gold that dominates the investment and industrial markets, and the continued mining of its limited reserves is cause for concern. Estimates suggest that no more than 20 per cent of the yellow metal remains unmined. Furthermore, mine closures have become commonplace as the cost of extraction and refining low-yield ores exceeds the metal’s spot price. On the plus side, Gold, in any form, is virtually indestructible. Every gram that serves no useful purpose poses a potential threat to industries crucially dependent on a constant supply.

However, this pending crisis is one consumers can help avert. If you possess unwanted jewellery items, don’t rush to the nearest pawnbroker. Instead, consider selling your Gold to Mr K, a company dedicated to recycling and sustainable practices.  Firstly you can expect a better price based on the metal’s current spot price. Secondly, you will be helping to counter the threat of future shortages.

Upcycling Precious Metals

Perhaps you would prefer a more fashionable Jewellery piece rather than trading in your late grandmother’s old-fashioned broach for use in a printer circuit board. No problem. Some Jewellers that recycle Gold also possess the skill to upcycle such items, creating more appealing, modern pieces. Either way, you gain, as do the industries that depend on the unique properties of Precious Metals and the planet.

Where to sell Gold

Mr K is an authorised, trusted and respected Bullion dealer specialising in Krugerrands and Bullion bars. We also upcycle or recycle Gold in addition to buying and selling it. We invite you to follow this link to learn more about our specialised recycling and manufacturing services.

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