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A Golden Opportunity

Gold is timeless – it holds its value and it doesn’t tarnish. It has been treasured by people for millennia for its beauty, properties and usefulness. With a great deal of Gold already having been mined, accessing this Precious Metal no longer requires digging or blasting – and the consequences these activities have on the environment.

At Mr K, modern Gold prospecting is an elegant affair. We source Gold and other Precious Metals through trading, recycling and upcycling Jewellery and other Precious Metal items.

If you want to own or exchange Gold, start a conversation with Mr K today.

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liberate the worth locked in your jewellery box

If – like many people – you own Jewellery that you never wear (for whatever reason) it may be time to declutter your Jewellery box and unlock the cash tied up in unwanted pieces.

Whether they are intact or damaged, if they contain Gold, they contain value. We can recycle your Jewellery by evaluating it and purchasing it from you. With the cash you make, you can pay off debts or look at alternative investment opportunities.

Alternatively, our master craftspeople can upcycle your Jewellery through our bespoke design and manufacturing process. If you have Jewellery that has sentimental attachment, but which you rarely wear, we can remodel it for you into a unique, on-trend piece that retains those special memories, but which you’re much more likely to wear and enjoy.

Today’s Prices


A golden egg

  • Benefit from a free, no-obligation evaluation of your valuable items.
  • Relieve yourself of unwanted, dated, unworn or damaged Jewellery.
  • Trade in your unwanted Jewellery for cash.
  • Let us upcycle outdated Jewellery and transform it into modern, wearable pieces.
  • Enjoy a professional, transparent and reliable transaction in the comfort of our elegant premises.

Today’s Prices

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Frequently Asked Questions

We at Mr K promote the recycling of Precious Metals, such as Gold, Silver, and Platinum, because it’s undoubtedly the ‘right thing to do’ from an environmental perspective. Mining in general is very harmful to the environment. And even the most modern mining technologies, which are aimed at being more environmentally responsible, still fall seriously short of being ‘eco-friendly.’ Although the process of recycling Precious Metals is not 100% pollution-free, it’s much more ecologically sound than mining. Therefore, we at Mr K put a massive emphasis on the need for Recycling Precious Metals and offer our clients market-related prices (based on metal Value only) for pre-owned Jewellery; whether Gold, Silver, and/or Platinum.

Mr K’s process of buying pre-owned Jewellery is very transparent and rooted within exceptional Organizational Ethics. And it entails the following steps:

  • Clients take their jewellery items, that they wish to sell, to their nearest Mr K branch.
  • Once there, one of our trained consultants will evaluate each item individually, based on its purity grading. In the case of Gold, purity-gradings are as follows: 9 Carat, 14 Carat, 18 Carat, 22 Carat, and 24 Carat. In the case of Silver, purity gradings are as follows: 50%, 80%, 92.5%, and 99.9% Each of the aforesaid purity gradings have a predetermined set price per gram. These prices are calculated according to the latest Gold Index Prices, as well as the latest Rand-Dollar exchange rates available. Clients can view our latest price list on our website.
  • The valuated items are then weighed in front of the client, to ensure transparency.
  • Thereafter, the consultant in question will make an official offer on the items valuated.
  • Should the client accept the aforesaid offer/s, Mr K will purchase the items by paying either Cash, by means of Electronic Bank Transfer, or via IMali.

Our transactions are transparent and highly professional. These always occur within the privacy of our elegant premises, thereby, providing our clients with an experience which is both safe and pleasant. Our organization is also governed by a strict code of ethics, which is sure to offer our clients exceptional peace of mind. We go out of our way to handle our customers with the utmost respect. They are also sure to receive the most accurate valuation on their respective items. Our scales are also calibrated each day, thereby, offering our clients the assurance that they receive the most accurate price for their items. We also have no additional or hidden fees whatsoever.

Mr K recycles every single piece of Recycled Jewellery. Hence, we do not re-sell Jewellery items in the retail market.

‘Recycled,’ within this context, refers to Jewellery items manufactured from one of the beneath stated materials, as well as Coins which aren’t considered as Legal Tender.

  • 9 carat Gold, which has a purity grading of 37.5% and therefore, marked with the numbers, ‘375’
  • 14 carat Gold, which has a purity grading of 58.5% and therefore, marked with the numbers, ‘585’
  • 18 carat Gold, which has a purity grading of 75% and therefore, marked with the numbers, ‘750’
  • 22 carat Gold, which has a purity grading of 91.6% and therefore, marked with the numbers, ’916’
  • 24 carat Gold, which has a purity grading of 99.9% and therefore, marked with the numbers, ‘999’
  • 50% Silver
  • 80% Silver
  • 92.5% Silver (Sterling Silver)
  • 99.9% Silver
  • 50% Platinum
  • 80% Platinum
  • 99.9% Platinum

‘Caratage,’ within this context, refers to the fraction of Pure Gold within any item of Jewellery, with Gold often being alloyed with other metals in the making of such items. 24 carat Gold has the highest possible purity grading: being 99.9% pure Gold. A Jewellery item of 24 carat will, therefore, consist of 99.9% pure gold, with the Gold therein not having been alloyed with any other metals. Lower Caratages contain less ‘pure Gold’ and, therefore, have lower purity-gradings. Beneath is a list of the most common Gold carats on the market, accompanied by their respective purity gradings.

  • 9 carat Gold refers to Gold with a purity grading of 37.5%
  • 14 carat Gold refers to Gold with a purity grading of 58.5%
  • 18 carat Gold refers to Gold with a purity grading of 75%
  • 22 carat Gold refers to Gold with a purity grading of 91.6%
  • 24 carat Gold refers to Gold with a purity grading of 100%

The minimum Caratage an item must have, to be legally called ‘Gold,’ varies from country to country. In South Africa, 9 carat is the legal minimum accepted standard of Gold Caratage.

Our method of determining whether an ‘item of Gold’ is authentic, plated, or fake, is well respected within our industry, and works as follows:

  • We firstly look for an authentic Hallmark, meaning that we search for a stamped mark on the item of jewellery, which indicates its purity grading.
  • We then look for potential fading around the edges of the item, and/or spotting blemishes on the surface thereof.
  • We then put a magnet to the item, to see whether it is ferrous or not. Gold is non-ferrous.
  • Lastly, we perform a well-trusted ‘Acid Test,’ which will deliver the accurate purity grading of the item in question.

The processes of Authenticating and repairing Semi-Precious stones, are highly intensive and very expensive. Most often, the cost of doing so is much higher than the value of the stones in question, and therefore, not cost-sufficient.

The prices that we at Mr K offer our clients, are calculated according to the latest available Gold Index Price, as well as the Rand-Dollar exchange rate at any given time. Each purity-grading, whether Gold or Silver, therefore, has a predetermined (market-related) price. The price in question will always be determined per gram of Gold or Silver and are made available on our website for the viewing of our customers.

Our only purpose for purchasing pre-owned jewellery, is for the recycling thereof, and never to re-sell it within the retail market. Therefore, our prices are based on the metal value of each respective Jewellery item only, and do not include any manufacturing costs or retail mark-ups.

We have 3 methods by which we pay our clients:

  • Cash
  • EFT
  • I-Mali

Each client can choose the method which best suits them.

Yes, we do buy diamonds. We valuate diamonds according to the following 4 well respected ‘C’s:’

  • Carat
  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Colour

Through the above-mentioned process, we then calculate a market-related price, in accordance with The Rap Rapport Guidance Pricelist. Any diamonds smaller than 0.20 carat, will be purchased as ‘smalls.’



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