Mr K: We’ve ‘up-graded’

Since 2014, we have been a trusted supplier of Krugerrands, other Bullion products, recycled Precious metals as well as jewellery design and manufacture. As a company, we are proud of our continued growth, expanding base of loyal customers, and strong relationship with our suppliers. With this said, we’re announcing our exciting rebrand – a step towards bigger and better things for the future of our bullion business.

Introducing: Mr K

Earlier this year, we planned the launch of our online store, intended to improve customer experience and the accessibility of our service. The prospect of this launch gave us an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and develop a brand identity that is more in-line with who we are and what we do. Which as our clients know, goes beyond just Krugerrands. 

Why was ‘Mr K’ chosen for the name?

Under the guidance of the South African Reserve Bank, we chose to rename ourselves ‘Mr K’ – a name that encompasses all aspects of our business. We have also added the tagline ‘Pure and precious metals’ to finish off and complete our new branding direction.

Will the offering be the same?

We wish to assure you, our highly-valued customers, that our offering is not changing. You will receive the same excellent service and quality product that you have come to know and trust. But now, you will receive it from a shiny new face. One that visually represents our broad offering in a way that is sleek, sophisticated and stately.

Ushering in a new golden era

We anticipate our official rebrand to take place at the start of 2021. For more information about the launch of Mr K, pop in at one of our store locations. Our friendly staff will gladly assist with any queries, and advise on bullion purchases you would like to make now or in the future. We look forward to sharing our new, exciting chapter with you! 

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates and information.