Jewellery Recycling and Repurposing Have Become Vital for a Sustainable Precious Metals Industry

Our finite reserves of Gold and other Precious Metals are gradually depleting. Consequently, the Jewellery industry’s best hope for a sustainable future could be recycling. It has been estimated that around 187 000 metric tons of Gold have been mined to date, leaving underground reserves of about 57 000 metric tons. However, most of the richest seams have already been fully exhausted, and the cost of extracting the pure metal from much of the remaining ore is often more than its spot price.

Despite the demand for Gold, Platinum, Palladium and other scarce metals from the automotive, electronics, aerospace, healthcare and defence industries, Jewellery manufacturers remain the mines’ biggest customers by far. For example, up to 80 % of newly mined and recycled Gold is used to make Jewellery, which also accounts for most of the Platinum, while Silver has other decorative uses, such as cutlery.

Jewellery Design Preferences Change, but the Demand for Precious Metals is Constant

Almost everyone has an old bracelet, pendant, broach or dress ring that has lost its appeal. Maybe it’s an outdated item inherited from a great-grandmother and no longer fashionable in today’s modern society. Or perhaps it is broken but not appealing enough to warrant the cost of repairing it. There is a market for old Jewellery, and given its age and the escalation in metal spot prices, you can usually sell it for far more than its original purchase price. However, if you choose this route, try to deal with a registered Bullion dealer.

At Mr K, keeping our customers happy and maintaining a profitable business are only two of our goals. We are also deeply concerned about the dwindling reserves of raw materials essential to Jewellery manufacturers and other industries. In our efforts to promote a more sustainable future, we offer sellers two options as follows:

  • Recycling Precious Metals

Whether your pieces are unfashionable, broken, or you have merely become tired of wearing them, your Gold, Silver and Platinum Jewellery items remain of value. We will assay them and give you a fair price based on the latest spot prices and a modest handling fee before having them recycled to extract their valuable elements for use in alternative applications.

We also understand that parting with a family heirloom can be difficult. For those having second thoughts, Mr K offers 30 days to change their minds and have their items returned at no charge.

  • Repurposing Old Jewellery

In keeping with our drive to create a more sustainable future for Precious Metals, we offer our clients an alternative to recycling their unwanted Jewellery items. When you prefer to purchase a modern piece more in line with the latest fashion trends with the money you make from selling your unwanted Jewellery, we have a more sustainable option for you. Our skilled Jewellery manufacturers can help you find the perfect design and create it using Precious Metals and stones from your unwanted pieces. That’s a plus for you and the environment.

Champion the Sustainability Cause with Jewellery Recycling and Repurposing

Selling your outdated Jewellery can now fulfil a good cause. Whether you are looking to recycle or repurpose your pieces for something truly unique and on-trend while still contributing to sustainability, then contact Mr K today.

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