A South African Krugerrand Coin is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Gadgets may break or become outdated, and clothes will wear out, but a Krugerrand coin for Christmas is a gift that will outlast these and grow in value. Despite the nation’s woes and a global recession, December is a time when we traditionally throw caution to the wind and join the millions of shoppers eagerly looking for the perfect presents for their loved ones. Kids usually get toys. Dads get socks, ties and aftershave, and moms tend to get whatever they have been hinting at for the past few months. While these items may be a measure of our love for one another, they are just things. What if there was a gift that would not just please them but can change their lives? A Gold or Silver coin could be the answer.

A Krugerrand Coin is a Gift for Today and Tomorrow

It is no accident that the three wise men chose to add Gold to their gifts of frankincense and myrrh. Not only was it a gift fit for a sovereign, but the yellow metal was also prized worldwide for its beauty and as a profitable investment. The decision by the South African government in 1967 to mint the first Krugerrand coins provided a more affordable means for the general public to invest in Gold than purchasing costly Bullion bars. At that time, one could buy the one-ounce Gold coin for less than a meal at McDonald’s. Anyone lucky enough to receive one for Christmas that December could sell it for more than R30 000 today.

The Krugerrand Coin is a Gift You Can Have Confidence in

Unlike stocks and shares, which are often subject to marked price fluctuation due to changing political and financial circumstances, and even deliberate attempts to manipulate the market, Gold’s performance is more predictable. This Precious Metal’s value is decided mainly by the extent of supply and demand. The need for Gold is constant and extends across numerous industries, including electronics, aerospace and medicine, not forgetting Jewellery. While its value occasionally falls, the overall trend has remained upwards since formal trading in Precious Metals began. The odds are, therefore, high that the coin you buy for your spouse, son, daughter or best friend this Christmas will be worth more in December next year.

A Krugerrand Coin is also a Great Choice for Hanukkah

Whether you observe the twelve days of Christmas or the eight days of Hannukah this December, Gold is likely to play a part in the celebrations. Many Jewish families will follow the tradition of giving their children chocolate coins covered in Gold or Silver foil. While the novel confection will delight them briefly, a real Gold or Silver Krugerrand could offer your loved ones more long-term benefits.

There’s a Krugerrand Coin to Suit Every Budget

Gifting a one-ounce Gold coin may be prohibitively expensive. However, there are more affordable alternatives. Firstly, the one-ounce Silver version will cost around fifty times less, while the half-ounce, quarter-ounce, and tenth-of-an-ounce Gold coins are also correspondingly cheaper.

Regardless of how you celebrate the festive season, choose a trustworthy dealer if you’re planning to give someone a Gold or Silver coin. Mr K purchases Kruggerands directly from the Rand Refinery. Follow this link to check out our range and current prices.

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