8 Reasons to invest in Krugerrands: Endless golden opportunities

There’s a fine line between over-investing and under-investing. On the one hand, you want to make smart investments that will yield you the return needed to grow your business or secure your savings. On the other hand, you want to ensure enough capital is freely accessible so it is ready for immediate use, when and if you need it. The solution? Choosing to invest in Krugerrands. (Shop online now.)

Here’s why you should invest in Krugerrands in 2022:

1. Krugerrands make investing in Gold easy

Historically, Kruggerands were minted so that Gold could be accessible physically and financially to the average person, and be easily traded without any hassle. Today, Krugerrands are suitable for anyone looking to make a smart investment – from the first-time dabbler to the experienced buyer and seller. When convenience is key (and let’s be honest – it always is), quick investments like these are beneficial to everyone. So, why not start investing today? Visit our online store.

2. Krugerrands can secure your ‘nest egg’

If long-term financial security is keeping you up at night, Gold Krugerrands can offer you the ‘nest egg’ benefits you’re after. Gold is a stable commodity globally, so is naturally a good investment. But more importantly in cases like this – Krugerrands are easy to sell and convert to liquid capital (should you require it). So, a sort of ‘best of both worlds’ investment scenario in times of uncertainty. Explore our services in Krugerrand exchange.

3. Krugerrands hedge against the Rand

With South Africa’s economy in a state of ongoing instability and risk, Precious Metals like Gold provide investors with a semblance of control. How? Because if (or when) the Rand depreciates, Gold remains an internationally traded commodity, quoted in US Dollars. This means that Krugerrands are subject to less price movement, so hold up as solid investments over the years. Take a look at our current prices online.

4. Krugerrands are internationally recognised

Krugerrands are one of the oldest and most successful Gold Bullion coins. They are also more traded than all the world’s Gold Bullion coins combined! Dating back to 1967, the first Krugerrand was minted for private ownership. Now, the iconic Krugerrand name is known world-wide – revered for its association with excellence and trusted products that endure in value. With a reputation like that, why wouldn’t you place your bets on the famous Krugerrand? Place a secure order for Krugerrands online.

5. Krugerrands have a stable underlying value

Another great reason to invest in Krugerrands is that in the face of worldly challenges, like politics and economic matters, the ‘insurance’ aspect of Gold remains stable. Even during the trials of 2020 when many stocks and bonds crashed, Gold held its enduring value. Krugerrand investors at this time may not have seen massive gains, but many were able to safeguard their fortune. And that’s a gain in our book. Learn more about Krugerrand investments.

6. Krugerrands are not subject to VAT

When investing in assets, paying VAT is a given. But did you know Krugerrands are not considered an asset? The South African Reserve Bank counts Krugerrands as currency in the form of coins or notes. This means Krugerrand investors are saved from paying VAT – a real bonus for South African locals. Discover 2017 Collector Krugerrands.

7. Krugerrands are traded in increments

Krugerrands offer great flexibility in the world of Gold trade. The options for buying and selling different increments of Gold range from one ounce through to one-tenth of an ounce. This is a game-changer for smaller investors who are new to Krugerrands and only want to buy what they can afford. Click here to browse our price list.

8. Krugerrands are quick to convert to cash

Krugerrands are a fast business. Compared to other forms of Gold Bullion, Krugerrands are quick to buy, quick to sell, and quick to convert to cash. If you invest in Krugerrands and want to trade them in for money in the bank, you can do so at any registered bullion dealer – no fuss, no hold-ups. It’s that easy. Get acquainted with South Africa’s trusted bullion dealer, Mr K.

Invest in Krugerrands with Mr K

Will 2021 be the year you make a smart investment? Choose to invest in Krugerrands with Mr K today. Contact us for more information.