2017 Collector Krugerrands

In special commemoration of the Golden Jubilee of the world-renowned and well-sought after Krugerrand, the South African Mint has released a range of Proof coins for collectors to bolster their coffers with. The South African Mint, an authority in coin minting and a purveyor of the finest and most widely recognised bullion coin in the world, has released rare iterations of the Krugerrand: the fifty-ounce coin, the five-ounce coin, the twentieth-of-an-ounce coin, the fiftieth-of-an-ounce coin, the Platinum ounce and the Fine Silver ounce. These coins have been hand-selected and combined into various sets that collectors can purchase from Mr K. Following is a breakdown of what you will find in the each of the magnificently hand-packed sets.

2017 Krugerrand 50th Anniversary Set

This set includes the flagship fifty-ounce Proof Gold coin, a coin that testifies to the superior technical excellence of craftsmanship that collectors have come to know and love. Included also are the official ‘Golden Jubilee’ Krugerrand book and stamp sheet. This coffee table masterpiece will give collectors, with a deep curiosity into the history of the Krugerrand, endless insights into the development and design of the iconic coin. This premium selection has only been made available in five sets and is the most exclusive coin set in the 2017 50th Anniversary collection.

1967 – 2017 Krugerrand Vintage Five-Coin Set

This collection showcases the beauty of the natural colouration of fine metals used across the Golden Jubilee collection. This symphony is composed of three Gold Proofs, one Platinum Proof and one Silver Proof coin. The 1967 one-ounce re-issue is a Gold coin made using the same tooling as its vintage counterpart and has been offset against the 2016 one-ounce Gold Proof and the 2017 one-ounce Gold Proof coins, which demonstrate the enhanced detail and evolution of the mould since inception. The Platinum and Silver one-ounce Proof coins set the sterling stage for the growth of the Krugerrand family. Improvements on the finish of the die display an enhanced colour and texture, which can be compared in the diversity of three precious metals featured in this series.

1967 – 2017 Krugerrand Vintage Three-Coin Set

This set includes the 1967 one-ounce vintage re-issue, the 2016 one-ounce Proof and the 2017 one-ounce Proof coins. Each Krugerrand Proof has been minted in fine Gold containing 91.67% pure Gold, made durable with a Copper Alloy which lend the Krugerrands a warm Coppery tone. The assortment allows collectors to enjoy the legacy of the one-ounce Proof Krugerrand, from past to present. The Krugerrands set the Gold Standard in craftsmanship and evolving and enduring technical excellence.

2017 Krugerrand Prestige Set

This set is a celebration of the fractional coins that Krugerrands are available in, including the new one-twentieth ounce and one-fiftieth ounce coins, balanced against the singular one-ounce iteration. The set also includes the original half-ounce, quarter-ounce and the one-tenth ounce Gold Proof coins. The decreasing size of the Proof coins is coupled with increasing detail, a remarkable nod to the ever-evolving technology and its role in the production of ever more intricate design and detailed coins. This series boasts the legacy of unrivalled craftsmanship in the art of coin making.

2017 Krugerrand Fractional Four-Coin Set

This set contains the classic quarter-ounce and one-tenth ounce Proof coins, originally introduced into the Krugerrand collection in 1981, coupled with the 2017 50th Anniversary one-twentieth-of-an-ounce and one-fiftieth-of-an-ounce Proof coins. The fractional set is distinctive and authentic, reflecting a concerted focus on artistry and intricacy in this accessible collector’s set. The artistic process and craftsmanship behind the minting of these coins imbue them with exquisite detail that is amplified by their minute size and weight.

2017 Krugerrand Fractional Three-Coin Set

This set is the smallest collection for 2017 and easily provides the opportunity to own a collection set at an affordable price. It is comprised of the traditional one-tenth ounce coin joined by the new one-twentieth-of-an-ounce and one-fiftieth-of-an-ounce coins. This remarkable set in the Krugerrand collection makes the ownership of a rare Krugerrand set within reach to even more collectors. The superior technology applied in the production of these delicate and intricate coins foregrounds the level of artistry, skill and workmanship that goes into the making of South Africa’s finest coin.

The South African Krugerrand has been cherished in a collection that, employing fine craftsmanship, age-old attention to detail paired with new technology, aims to stun even the most discerning collector. The collection has been received with applause, evidenced by the fact that many of the rarer sets and coins have already been bought up by eager investors. To find out what is available, please contact us and pre-order.