Gold offers an enduring store of value, a hedge against currency movements and an opportunity to turn unwanted Jewellery items into cash.

Mr K is an established and reputable dealer in Krugerrands, Gold Bullion and precious metals. We specialise in helping you invest in gold, and in buying and selling the natural riches for which South Africa is known. Since 2014, we have provided discreet, professional and exclusive customer service at every point on our customers’ gold journey.

The Mr K service offering includes buying and selling precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium); secure asset storage; precious metals recycling; and artisanal Jewellery manufacture.
Our prices are entirely aligned with the latest gold and precious metal values on international commodity exchanges, and we are committed to offering exceptional service, peace of mind and professionalism throughout every transaction.



Mr K

Mr K offers the services that South African investors need during these turbulent times. The uncertainty caused ongoing pandemic has once again demonstrated the need for safe alternative investment vehicles and ways to protect wealth against currency fluctuations.

Equally, many consumers have found it helpful to sell unwanted precious metal items and unlock their value.

On a more positive note, romance is definitely not dead, and we have seen consistent growth in demand for our bespoke Jewellery design, refashioning and manufacturing services.

The trends we have observed since our establishment in 2014 are a continuation of the remarkable history of gold – a precious metal that has always been a sound long-term investment as well as the perfect way to declare undying love.

All our transactions are based on current prices per ounce, bringing a refreshing certainty to the business of buying and selling precious metals and Krugerrands.

Say it with gold

Mr K is a manufacturer of bespoke fine Jewellery, with unique pieces ranging in style from classic to contemporary. Hand-crafted, beautiful Jewellery never goes out of style, whether you’re looking to us to update an existing piece (perhaps one that you’ve inherited) or create something entirely new. We can refresh and reimagine treasured yet dated pieces, or be inspired by your love for each other.

Mr K’s expert Jewellers will design and create a piece that is as unique as you are, and tells your special story at prices that may well prove to be a pleasant surprise. We offer a premium design and consultation process in our sophisticated stores – and we treat each project as a priceless vote of confidence in our skills and creativity.

Unlock the value you've inherited or never worn

If you own unwanted or damaged Jewellery made from gold or other precious metals, Mr K can help you turn them into cash at the current market rates. Whether it’s a piece that doesn’t work with your personal style, or reminds you of a relationship you’d rather forget, we can help you see its true value.

Rather than risk keeping unwanted but valuable items, talk to us about turning them into cash that you can then invest or use to change your life. Why gather dust when you could be gathering interest?

Gold has long been proven to hold its value over time; your unwanted Jewellery could be worth more than you think. Take advantage of a complimentary, no-obligation evaluation and discover just
what each piece is worth.

precious metal recycling

How to sell Gold items.

Whether you’re a keen investor or collector, or the beneficiary of unwanted Gold family heirlooms, it’s worth considering the following:

Let Mr K guide you through the selling process, beginning with a complimentary, no-obligation evaluation.

All that glitters is not gold – an expert Mr K appraisal can tell you exactly what your item is made of, and its true worth.

Is selling the best option? Mr K can give you advice based on market trends and your feelings towards the piece in question.

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